Become a Millionaire Investing in Penny Stocks with Robinhood (Free Stock Inside)

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But I'm broke?

First, let me introduce myself: I'm Rory; a serial entrepreneur and lover of all things tech...oh yeah... and food. I've always had an eye for the stock market. I can remember attending these stock market workshops: The hosts would talk over and over about "red light, green light" and then at the end, they would break your heart by offering you their secret CD(stock trading software) for over $3K (US Dollars). Red light, green light probably sounds like a childhood game. But in stock trading,  it refers to knowing when to buy a stock and when to order to make a profit and reduce the risk of losing money. Furthermore, they would tell us that we needed to have a minimum of $25,000 to start investing. But I was just a young college kid, with maybe a few hundred bucks at most. So I just pushed stock investing to the back of my head(maybe in the future I thought) and went on with life. I felt stocks was probably for those who already had a head start in life, because I didn't know anyone just sitting around on 30 grand? (Unless it was a student loan) Yikes!

Then came "Robin Hood" to the rescue. 

We have all heard the tales about Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Or his hawk-eyed archery and fierce swordplay. Well, it's no coincidence that this app was conveniently named, Robin Hood(this shows the importance of brand names, but that's for another discussion). 

Robinhood is an online stock brokerage, only accessible through a mobile app, that allows you to purchase stocks and ETFs with no commission. That means that Robinhood is completely free to use to buy stocks and ETFs. There’s no minimum account balance you need to maintain and you can buy as much or as little stock as you’d like.


"We’re making investing accessible to young people,” says co-founder Vlad Tenev (Vlad and his co-founder Baiju Bhatt are friends from college). “Most stock brokerages out there have been around for 30 years, their interfaces are clumsy, and they’re targeting older professionals and active traders. They’re no place for first time investors and that’s one of the things we focus on. Making it accessible. Having it be mobile friendly.” 


The Potential to make real money with Penny Stocks (Good News).

First off, Robin Hood is not limited to penny stocks, you can trade any kind of stocks you like. From google to facebook and beyond. But from my experience, penny stocks has the highest potential for real profits. Though they are highly volatile. But in reality, you are taking a risk no matter which stock you buy. 


I remember buying a stock for exactly that(14 cents/share). I researched the company and I liked their business model and vision. I saw celebrities investing in this company. So I took a dive and invested around $400 which bought me over 2000 stock shares. Now that's alot of stocks to own if the company does well. It took months for this stock to rise up. I even got impatient and wanted to pull out my money. But at some point it went up to 28 cents and my money doubled. This means I now made a $400 profit with the stock just going up a few pennies. A little while after, the stock took off and shot to $2.60!!!! This means a $400 investments turned to over $7000!!!! profit.  I will reveal this stock to be as transparent as possible to silent the skeptic in you. The company is called Xpress Spa. They are really the only spa company in airports all over. I thought this stock would take off and it did.  Now imagine if someone had way more capital than myself and invested $30K in the stock when it was at 14 cents? If $400 gave you a return of $7k, then 30K would yield you over Half a Million Dollars!!!!

Now, do you see how people become millionaires and billionaires in the stock market? Now what If i spent $400 and bought Nike stocks at $80/share. I would barely make any money. Because even if the Nike stock doubled, it still would not have profited me anywhere close to what the Penny stocks brought me. In my humble opinion, the real money is not in buying big name stocks; It's in buying stocks for cheap and selling when they go up high. 


Free Gift (Free stock: Amazon, Apple, Google etc)

We have partnered with "Robin Hood" to give away a free random stock to anyone who signs up on their app. You do not have to invest any money to get this free stock. If I say it's free; it's free. It's not a gift if you have to pay for something, right?  However, this is only possible by using the link provided below. If you sign up without this link then you will not get a free stock. But if you do, you are guaranteed to get a free stock! You stock you get is random, so you could get a stock worth hundreds of dollars in one click. 

Lets begin investing in your future! The world is changing and you can't put all your dependence on a job. 

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