Domain sold for a whopping $200,000

This is the biggest sale ever reported for a .app domain name, which is a domain name extension introduced by Google in 2018., sold for a whopping sum of $200,000!

This eyeopening sale was brokered by Sedo and it totally outdid previous sales in this extension. According to NameBio, the top sales to date includes: for $91,000, for $30,000 and for $15,000.

It’s still a far cry from the top sales across other new top level domains in general, though. Several domains have sold for a half million or more including: 

Shopify is a potential buyer—it owns the domain name And Shopify is the proud home of

There are currently 680,000 registered .app domain names today!

Dotcom is still king, but these New TLDs are definitely making splash.

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