We bring backers to boost startups in the seed stage and we name kick-ass ideas!

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Our Story

  • was formed in 2011 with the simple goal of providing the best marketing tools available to help project creators run successful  crowdfunding campaigns. As entrepreneurs ourselves,  we understand what it takes to get a new business off the ground .  We love what we do, because we get to help hundreds of new businesses Launch Up! In other words, we  promote startups in the seed stage and get them in front of an already captive audience, which includes backers, media partners, and brand advocates.

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In addition, we give creative and evocative names to great ideas. Our mission is to brand the next generation of startups and empower millions of entrepreneurs each year to make a difference. Basically, we are involved from concept to reality. The Right name can influence whether a startup or product succeeds or fails.

We also connect names to our own exciting ideas and projects. Using each of these hand-picked  brand and product names, our company  aims to develop them into functional, sustainable businesses that makes a difference. 

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  • Nyam means "to eat" and is most commonly used in the Island of Jamaica. Nyam also means "yum" in Indonesia. The concept/idea we have behind this name is to make it into a Caribbean food Network. This project is currently in the making!

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  • Motivately is a motivational street-wear apparel brand born in NYC. As we like to say, it's all a state of mind. We are the premier brand for dreamers and achievers and those that need hope in their life. While you craft your reality, we want to be right there alongside you; making sure you don't settle. To remind you that you can achieve anything. This project is due for a relaunch later this year.

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  • GotBrands was basically the foundation of We started many years ago with GotBrands, providing naming solutions to startups. Basically, it has evolve into what you see today. We are currently brain-storming ideas for what next.

If you can dream it; you can do it."

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